The Diary of Mama Bear: Paul is 10 Months Old

The Diary of Mama Bear: Paul is 10 Months Old

Good evening and happy Tuesday! =) Paul Raffaele Noojin is 10 months old; and wow, he is so much fun to be with. He has made every second of every day happy; and every moment worth living. I love love love this boy and his awesome sense of humor. His favorite things to do right now are look out the window, point to everything, go on walks, play, and try new foods (especially foods that mommy and daddy are eating).

Cognitive. This little monkey is now pointing at everything that he wants to touch or see. He also looks at things that we point at. This entire month, he would point at us, but it was not until 11/30/16 that he began pointing at everything and looking at objects that we were pointing at. If we ask him, “where is the window?” he will turn to look for and then point at the window; if we say, “where is the kitty cat?” he will look for and point at the cat. He is able to identify things that we always talk about and it is so apparent how much language he understands.

Paulie imitates everything Matt and I do. If we give him a spoon and bowl, he will eat. If we spin a wheel fast, he will spin it fast. If we spin it slow, he will spin it slow. If we spin it with our whole hand, he will spin it with his whole hand. If we spin it with our pointer finger, he will spin it with his pointer finger. If we say “bah!'” he will say “bah!” If we blow a rasperry, he will blow a rasberry. It is amazing.

Emerging skills: clapping, waving, and sticking tongue out.

Language/Communication. Matt and I use an extensive vocabulary with him and he is able to connect words and phrases with their meaning. He loves to look out the window, he loves to look at trees, and he loves to go on walks; and whenever any phrases containing these words are mentioned to him, he looks and points at the window. He is able to identify people that he knows. He knows what it means when we say any of the following phrases: “it is time for breakfast/lunch/dinner” or “it is time to eat” or “do you want to eat food?” or “do you want to drink milk?” He loves to eat and drink and he always responds to us when we say these phrases to him. He knows what cat means and he is able to identify our three cats. He understands “no” and even whines when we say it. It is amazing how quickly he is gaining an understanding of the english language.

Paul is able to mimic our tones when we speak. Sometimes it sounds like he is repeating what we say. He definitely loves to have conversations with us.

When he is interested in something or is learning about something, he loves to say “oh” =D

Paulie loves to read. Whenever I ask him to pick out a book before bedtime, he picks the same three from his bookshelf: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Llama Llama Red Pajama, and Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? 

When he points to objects, we always tell him what the object is and the function of it.

We are teaching Paul American Sign Language and Italian.

Gross Motor/Fine Motor. This monkey is so close to walking. He always lets go of support while standing and is able to balance himself for at least 1 minute before falling. He also climbs everything. He has very good hand and eye coordination. He has also mastered picking up food and objects with the pincer grip.

Here are some pictures:


img_8615 img_8625 img_8640 img_8649 img_8650 img_8652 img_8657 img_8659 img_8706 img_8712 img_8716 img_8718 img_8751 img_8793


img_8798 img_8802 img_8817 img_8818img_8824 img_8825 20161201_0940141 20161201_0947391



Month 9 was an amazing month. I am so excited for Month 10 especially because he wants to learn about and manipulate everything; he wants to talk; and he loves social interactions. He is just so much fun =D Thank you for reading! I hope that you have a happy Tuesday!

The Diary of Mama Bear: Baby Angel is Nine Months Old

Good morning and happy Thursday =D Pauly has achieved so many milestones during month 8; at this point, I feel like he does something new everyday =D

Social Emotional. Pauly is a social little bear. He loves conversation with people he knows; and he loves loves loves back and forth play! =D Paulino has three favorite games with mama:

  1. Where’s mama? At the beginning of October, I started playing this game with him. To play, I say “Bye Pauly!”, give him a wave, and then crawl away into the next room and close the door. EVERY TIME I do this, he crawls to where he sees me go, pushes the door open, and as soon as he sees me I yell “you found me!” and give him big kisses. His smile and giggles melt my heart <3 I reverse the game when I see him crawling in front of me. When he enters the next room, I will say “Where is Pauly?” and he will peek his little head out and I will say, “I found you!” He thinks this is hilarious.
  2. I’m going to get you! To play the game, I say, “I’m going to get you!” He jumps up with excitement, and crawls away laughing! I dramatically approach him and finally grab him and give him tickles. He loves this game! =)
  3. Peek-a-boo! The third game is peek-a-boo. I have been playing peek-a-boo with him since he was a newborn; but it was only when he mastered object permanence that he started playing with me. Now that he does not think I disappeared, he always pulls the blanket off my head and laughs =D I’m teaching him to play “Where’s Pauly” so that we could reverse roles.

Paulino demonstrates that he has a secure attachment with me. He goes through a cycle where he is independently exploring his environment while making sure I am nearby. Then, he will suddenly come back and be attached to me. =D If he gets hurt, he comes right to me <3

Also, his separation anxiety peaked this month.

Gross Motor. Pauly is so determined; he will crawl over people, elevated floors, and obstacles just to explore an area or object. He loves crawling through the entire apartment and manipulate new items. He is able to balance himself on his knees without support. He loves to walk along surfaces and transfer to other surfaces; for example, he will walk along the couch, transfer to the coffee table and walk around it, then transfer to the end table until he decides to smoothly transition into sitting position. He has complete control over his body; he transitions smoothly, he rolls around; he balances himself; and he catches himself when he is about to fall. He is able to climb up mommy and daddy’s leg, look up, and put one of his arms up while supporting himself with the other to tell us he wants to get picked up. His transitions are very fluid.

When playing with toys, he likes to bang them together or throw them. When he rolls balls, he loves to crawl after them. He could also smoothly transition toys (and food) from one hand to the other.

New Emerging Skills: Paul is trying to stand and take his first step. When he is walking along surfaces, he will steady himself; balance; and let go. He is able to stand for 2 seconds without falling on his bottom =) He also tries to go into standing position from sitting position. He will transition into downward facing dog and then try to lift his body up. I am so amazed!

Fine Motor. Pauly is able to use the pincer grip to pick up food as small as peas and he is able to feed himself. He has spent a lot of time practicing this grip; and he is officially feeding himself eggs, peas, and chunks of mashed veggies =D I just love watching him concentrate as he picks up food and places it into his mouth.

He also loves opening his wipes and using the pincer grip to take out all the wipes!

Language/Communication. Paulino is excellent at communicating with us, and he babbles all the time! Sometimes he talks so much that it is as if he is telling us a story =) He is able to use his body language and vocalizations to tell us what he needs and wants. When he wants milk, he verbalizes “minya-minya-minya-minya” or he does what I call the milk call: “he-he-he-he-he.” He has acquired many new sounds and blends; a common one is “binya-binya-binya-bin” and other variations of those sounds. He uses “mama” and “dada” appropriately =D When Matt and I talk to him, he converses back and forth. He listens to what we say, and then responds. He is even practicing intonation.

One of my favorite milestones has to be Pauly going to look for a person when asked “Where is dada?” or “Where is mama?” When Paul is engaged in play, I will say “Paul” and he will look at me. I will then say, “where is dada?” and he will turn his head to look around the room and if he does not see him, he will crawl to where Paul saw him last, push the door open, see him, and then excitedly crawl to him. When he gets to him, Matt says “you found me!” and I say “you found daddy!” He is so excited when he finds the person that we ask him to find. It is incredible! =D

Pauly is mimicking our language all the time =D If we say “mama” he says “mama.” If we say “dada” he says “dada.”

Also, if Matt and I are engaged in something else, Paulino will work really hard to get our attention.

Emerging Skills: clapping hands, waving, sticking out tongue, etc; pointing at objects; looking at objects that we point to; copying actions (putting a bucket on my head).

Sleep. Pauly still takes two naps a day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They never total more than three hours combined. He usually falls to sleep around 6pm and wakes up around 6am. During the night, he typically wakes up every hour and a half to every two hours; and we always respond to his call or cry. Every time he wakes up, we parent him pack to sleep. He usually sleeps two sleep cycles in his crib, and then we co-sleep the rest of the night.

Paul does not stay in one position while he is sleeping; he will move from one side of the crib to the other and constantly change positions.

Breastfeeding. If women are able to breastfeed; I definitely advocate for it. Other than providing nutrition for him; it is an experience that takes Paul and I into a quiet place where we can relax and enjoy skin to skin contact. I now breastfeed approximately every three hours (which is much more spaced out than it used to be). I will never ever forget these experiences with him. During this time, he stares at me and plays with my hair; sticks his fingers in my mouth and nose; and just loves little playful interactions. He laughs when I say “i’m going to give you big kisses” and kiss his hand as it approaches my mouth; or when he sticks his finger in my nose, I say “i’m going to blow out the candles” and I blow on his fingers. Those little happy anime moon shaped eyes peeking up at me while he is eating or sucking will forever be embedded in my memory. Breastfeeding has also become so much easier than it used to be.

Solids. Paul is eating breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. He usually has oatmeal mixed with blueberries, strawberries, and mangos or an avocado for breakfast; an egg or Greek yogurt with fruit for lunch; and sweet potatoes, peas, broccoli, spinach and carrots for dinner. This month, we are introducing cheese, nuts, and beans. Paul is able to communicate to us when he wants to eat solids. =D

Paul is so much fun! Matt and I absolutely adore spending every second with him. I can’t believe that he has officially been out of my body for as long as he grew in my body. I am so lucky to have Paul as my son <3 I love being a mother.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope that you have a happy Thursday! =D

The Diary of Mama Bear: My Big 8 Month Old

Good evening and happy Monday! Month 7 was a big month for Paulie =D

Paulino is crawling everywhere; he rolls from his back to his tummy to either crawl or sit; he transitions into every position; if he is sitting on an object, he will reach underneath him to remove it and sit back down; if he wants to crawl somewhere and an object is in his way, he will stop, move it, and then continue on his way; he is completely independently mobile. He has been on a quest to discover everything in our apartment. He is constantly working towards his next skill: standing! He is able to independently pull himself up to stand; independently walk along the couch, coffee table, and other furniture; and independently balance himself while standing using one hand to hold on to something. While standing, he is trying to transfer from one surface to another (i.e. from the couch to the coffee table). It is so incredible!! It is amazing to watch Paulie practice and master new skills. He has even been practicing all of his gross motor skills in his sleep.

Just like mama bear and papa bear; Paulie loves to eat; and he has 6 teeth (4 on top and 2 on bottom) to chew food with! He has been practicing picking up food with his fingers as well as trying to put it into his mouth. He eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us =) We feed Paulie all healthy and organic fruits, veggies, and grains.

Paul is constantly talking; and has acquired a wide range of sounds and blends. I love how he uses these sounds and blends to have a conversation with us. He looks us in the eyes and will say something after we respond. He is also practicing talking with different tones. I love love love when he says something and waits for a response from us. On October 15th, he finally said “mama.” =D

Paulie is able to identify mama, dada, and grandma when asked “Where’s mama? Where’s dada? and Where’s grandma?” He also looks at dada and says “dada” and looks at mama and says “mama.”

Paulie has been copying me when I cough; it’s super adorable.

My little Paulino has mastered object permanence. A few days ago, I was playing peek a boo with him where I would go under the covers and pop out. Instead of me popping out, he would lift the covers to find me. After he did this, I placed objects under the covers and he lifted the covers to look for them. Now I can’t hide anything from Paul. If I put something that I don’t want him to have behind my back, he either climbs over me or crawls behind me to get it.

Paulie still very much dislikes being placed on his back. The moment he is placed on his back for a diaper change, he tries to roll over or sit up. He just wants to move! It’s very cute.

Paulie turned 8 months old on October 7th, and he has developed so much in just the last 10 days. Everyday, he is achieving new milestones. Matt and I are just having so much fun with him. I absolutely love being his mama!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a very happy Monday!!

Here are some photos =D



The two pictures we were playing peek a boo =D











The Diary of Mama Bear: Happy 7 Months Sweetheart

Good afternoon and happy Sunday! It is so hard to believe that my little cub is 7 months old. I am loving EVERY second with him. Over the course of month 6, Paulino’s schedule has finally become predictable; and we have such an awesome routine. He wakes up around 7 am, takes two naps (one around 9:30 and the other around 1:00) and then falls asleep for the night around 7 pm. Month 6 was also a big month developmentally =D

Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Language, Cognitive and Social Emotional Development

Gross Motor. Paul is able to sit up without assistance when placed in the sitting position; he is able to transition from sitting into crawling position and vice versa; he is able to roll from his tummy to his back; he is able to support himself on his knees both in the crawling position (without assistance) and in the kneeling position (with support); he is able to lunge his body towards desired people or objects. If we sit him next to something elevated, he will lift himself up to stand without assistance.

Update: A few days after he turned 7 months old, he started putting himself in the downward facing dog position. He is trying so hard to stand. It is so adorable to watch him get into crawling position and then try to stand.

Fine Motor. Paul reaches, touches, grasps, and manipulates EVERYTHING in his line of vision. He is strengthening his hand and finger muscles constantly.

Language/Communication. Paulino speaks sentences using the following sounds: mah, dah, abr, bah, and gah. He will speak these sounds separately as well as blend them together. I think he is about to say his official first word; he is very close to saying “dada.” =D Paul effectively communicates what he wants and needs mainly through facial expressions and verbalization’s. He uses body gestures to tell us when he wants to get picked up or be held by another person; he also uses body gestures when he wants to tell us that he does not want to be held by another person.

Update: A few days ago, he started saying “dada.” His little voice is the most precious thing I have ever heard. Dada is his favorite word, and he says it constantly =D

Cognitive. Paul explores everything he sees using his five senses. He brings everything to his mouth; he knows that he needs to use two hands to pick up big or heavy objects and only use his fingers to pick up light and small objects; he looks to see where sounds come from; he looks for objects that are taken away; when he wants a toy on a sheet, he pulls the sheet instead of crawling; he drops objects and then looks for them, etc.

Social Emotional. Paul’s favorite thing to do is snuggle, laugh, and engage in social games. His favorite games include blowing him big kisses; eating his hands when he puts them near my mouth; singing familiar songs in a silly way; giving him raspberries; acting like I am going to kiss his face but then kiss his tummy; swiping my hair on his body; going under the covers, pretending it’s a cave and that we are looking for big papa bear, and then big papa bear appearing and tickling him; tickles under his armpit and his thighs; sniffing his diaper and saying “pee yeww” when he has a poopy; playing peek a boo; etc. My little cub is such an outgoing, strong willed, cuddle muffin who loves to smile and laugh. He truly was made just for me; he just melts my heart.

Teeth: Paulies front 2 bottom teeth are completely in, and the day he turned 7 months, 3 of his top teeth started cutting. =D

7th Month Checkup

My little Paulino weighs 18 lbs 11 ounces of pure breastmilk =D Since his doctor’s visit, we have discontinued using the silicone teether, and now feed him mashed veggies and fruits for lunch and dinner. This month, we will be introducing grain and additional fruits and veggies. He LOVES trying new food; and he especially likes strawberries, avocados, string beans, peas, and broccoli. He is not a big fan of blueberries, mango, and carrots; though he has never rejected a bite. =)

This month, Paulie received his first Hep B vaccination and second Pneumococcal vaccination; he is officially caught up with the shots recommended at 2 months. The first Hep B shot was recommended at birth, but we decided to hold off on it. Now that he is out and about, I think it is necessary.

Paulie’s Personality

Paulie is extremely happy, always smiling, and always on the move. He is an explorer, eager to discover new things in his environment. He studies everything, and then wants to touch it, put it in his mouth, and manipulate it. He will do whatever it takes to get something that he wants; even if it means lunging himself or squirming to it. He strongly dislikes being placed on his back, and I am even teaching him how to calm himself when he cries during diaper changes. I tell him and then model how to breath through his nose and out of his mouth; and he thinks it is the funniest thing ever. He is strong willed and determined, and I love that. Most of all, he loves snuggling and playing with mama and dada. <3

He has been really interested in trees and wind lately. On our morning walks, we have been talking about and touching tree trunks and leaves; as well as talking about the weather. When falling asleep, he stares out the window and enters zen mode while watching the leaves blow in the wind. At night, he still snuggles tight with mama and dada. =D
















Trying to take 7 Month Photos =D








Thank you so much for reading and coming on this journey with me, I hope you have a happy Sunday!





The Diary of Mama Bear: My big 6 month old!

Good evening and happy Friday! I am astonished by how quickly time is flying; my baby is already a half year old! This month was an amazing month for Paulino, and he is very busy exploring his world these days 😊 Pauly is now 17 lbs 11 ounces.  He was introduced to another solid this month; so he can now eat bananas, strawberries, and mangos. We give him fruits in this amazing teether. He LOVES this thing!

For 3 weeks, Pauly has been able to balance himself and sit independently. I love watching him lose his balance and then regain it; it is incredible to watch. Everything is a toy to him, so he reaches for anything in sight. We spend a lot of time talking about the name, function, and attributes of the items he is interested in. He is learning so much by using his senses to manipulate items, so I want to enhance his development by providing him with descriptive language. He is cooing constantly, and he is very expressive with both his face and body. By looking into his eyes, it is easy to determine how he is feeling at the moment. I absolutely love that Pauly LOVES to smile and laugh; I am so lucky to have such a social baby. If he is playing in his exersaucer or high chair, he perks up whenever he is spoken to or we walk towards him. My favorite new thing that he does is he lifts his arms up when he wants to get picked up 😊

Paulino has been trying to transition from sitting upright into the crawling position, but he always loses his balance and falls face first. During tummy time, he is able to lift his head and arms completely as well as crawl backwards.

Teething and Sleep

The day that he turned 6 months, his bottom 2 front teeth finally started cutting through his gums. My poor baby is in so much pain, and he is having a difficult time sleeping. Ever since Paul’s 4 month sleep regression, we started cosleeping. It became way too difficult to get up as many times as I was, so this was our solution, and this arrangement has been working well for us. When Paul is developmentally ready, he will sleep in his crib and sooth himself. Right now, Paul needs to be parented to sleep.

Another amazing thing that happened the day he turned 6 months old was he fell asleep for bedtime without my boob for the first time since he was born. A week prior to this event, he started falling asleep in the sling rather than my boob for naps; and for the first time since Paul was a few days old, Matt was able too get him to nap! We are so proud of our boy!

The fifth month was a wonderful month for Paul and our family. We are blissfully happy and I wish we could slow down time. Every moment is beautiful =D

Here are a few pictures:












Thank you for reading, I hope you have a happy Friday =D

The Diary of Mama Bear: Happy 5 Months Sweet Boy

Good afternoon and happy Friday! Paulie is 5 months and 8 days old today <3

Check ups and Vaccinations

My baby boy had a doctors appointment yesterday, and he is weighing at 17 pounds (he is in the 80th percentile), he is 24 inches long, and his head circumference is 42 inches. Yesterday was a big day for him because he received his first round of DTaP and Polio. We are not following the recommended schedule, instead, our pediatrician is working with us on a modified schedule. Vaccinations are important in protecting our babies from horrible preventable diseases, and we are very lucky that we found an amazing pediatrician who understands our desire to vaccinate while hearing our concerns of introducing too many vaccinations at one time over a short period of time. Since Paul is not starting school until Pre-K and we limit his exposure to certain activities, a modified schedule works for us. Now that he has received his first round of HIB, PCV, Polio, and DTaP, we will be able to start bringing him out.

Before Paul is given a new vaccination, I research the following things:

  • The risks of the diseases.
  • The brand of each vaccine and the company that makes them.
  • The ingredients in the vaccination.
  • The toxicity of the ingredients and how they may impact development.
  • The CDC’s statement about the vaccination.

For me, it is important that I am well educated on the risks of the diseases as well as the risks of the vaccinations before Paul receives his shots. After researching these things, I talk with Paul’s pediatrician about my concerns. Ultimately, the risks involved with catching these diseases are far worse than the risks of the vaccination itself, which is why we decided to vaccinate him on a modified schedule that works for us.

Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Cognitive, and Social Development

Month 4 was a big month for Paul developmentally. The week he turned 4 months, he became incredibly curious about his body. He had already noticed his feet when he was 3 months old, but he found them and started playing with them the week that he turned 4 months old. He has been LOVING bath time, especially now that he understands that he can use his body to splash. During bath time he has been exploring every part of his body with his eyes and hands, so every time he touches a part of his body, we talk about it.

During tummy time, he has been moving longer distances. It’s incredible to see how much stronger he is now than he was last month. He has been practicing lifting his body with his entire arms rather than just his forearms, and he has excellent control over his head. Three weeks ago, he started rolling over from his tummy to his back, which he thinks is hilarious. I have been really impressed with his eye and hand coordination. The first thing he ever reached for and explored was daddy’s face when he was 2 and a half months old. At 3 months was when he started reaching, grabbing, and putting everything that was in his hands into his mouth. Now, he always reaches out for anything that is put in front of him. During tummy time, I put things in front of him but make sure that they are out of reach, and he always moves himself to get the toy. He is such a curious boy and wants to learn about everything he looks at.

Paul has been determined to sit since the week that he turned 3 months old, and has been determined to stand since 1 month old. We have been practicing assisted standing since he turned 3 months old, and now, Paul wants to do everything while sitting up or standing. Currently, and only when I give him my hands, he is able to grab on and pull himself up from laying to sitting position and then from sitting position to standing position. It is incredible.

Sleep Regression

Paul entered his 4 month sleep regression the week he turned 4 months old. Sleep regressions are thought to occur due to brain development, especially preceding developmental milestones. Also, at 4 months, a baby’s sleep pattern changes into an adult like pattern, and many infants have difficulty soothing themselves back to sleep in between sleep cycles. For the first two weeks of his 4th month, he was waking up every hour. Now, the longest stretch of time that Paul sleeps is 4 hours, and then wakes up every 2 hours after that. No matter what time he goes to sleep at night, he always wakes up at 6 am with the biggest smile on his face. =D

Paul is such a social and happy boy. This little cuddle muffin was made just for me!








Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a happy Friday! =D

The Diary of Mama Bear: Months 2 to 4

Good evening and happpppyyyyy Thursday! It has been a few months since I have posted; unfortunately my computer crashed shortly after my last post =( Paulie is now 4 months old and is officially an infant! it has been an incredible experience watching him develop over the last couple of months. By 3 months, Paulie was smiling all the time, started trying to giggle, and started trying to sit up. Every time I put him down, he would crunch. Paulie has always been excellent at communicating with his eyes, hands and feet; now, at 4 months, he coos, smiles, and laughs along with it. His favorite thing to do is talk =) He loves to socialize and be held as much as possible. At exactly 3 months, Paulie started to teeth. At the same time, he started grabbing at toys and putting them in his mouth. We have been doing tummy time every day since he was a week old, and now he is starting to crawl! Everyday he is moving longer distances. He is just incredible.

Paulie weighs 16 pounds, which is above average. I exclusively breastfeed, which I will be doing until he is 6 months old, and he eats very often. Typically he eats every hour to an hour and a half.

Here are a few photos from 2 months to 4 months in no particular order.















The Diary of Mama Bear: Baby Angel is 1 Month Old!

Good morning and happy Tuesday =D I can’t believe that my little baby angel is already 1 month 1 day old. It is difficult to describe the strength of the infinite happiness that I feel every day with him. As long as he is healthy, it is impossible to have a bad day anymore.

This has been a big month for Paulie. He came out of the womb determined to lift his head and has been building strength each day during tummy time, breastfeeding, and burping time. He has been able to roll over onto either side since 3 days old. He lost his umbilical cord at 19 days old, and he took his first bath at 26 days old. When he is awake, he studies the environment to learn about his world. Matt and I spend this time reading, talking, and singing to him. Paul loves to look at mommy and daddy, and he tracks us when we walk across the room or towards him. Today, Matt and I got to share a very special moment together. Paulie had his first real smile. Daddy was tickling his feet, and his entire face just lit up. It was beautiful.


A major reason that this has been a big month for Paulie is because we have had a lot of difficulty with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is something that I thought would come naturally, but it has been, for me, the most difficult part of being a parent. I find that there are two components to breastfeeding, the emotional and the physical. Emotionally, I have an innate desire to nourish my baby with my milk from my breast, so when I was faced with the necessity to both supplement with formula and pump my milk and feed him with a bottle, I felt like a complete failure. Then, there is the physical component where I just want my baby to be nourished, even if the nourishment does not come from me. I just want what is best for my son.

Matt and I met with two lactation specialists during the two days that we spent at the hospital after Paul was born. We had issues with latching from the beginning, which caused my baby to lose 10 ounces during our hospital stay. Both specialists said that he had a posterior tongue tie as well as a lip tie. The lip tie was preventing him from opening his mouth wide enough to latch on correctly and the posterior tongue tie was preventing him from maneuvering his tongue correctly to efficiently remove milk from me. The poor latch caused breastfeeding to be painful and he would try to drink for up to 4 hours at a time every 30 to 60 minutes because of his inability to remove milk from me.

The lactation specialists presented me with three options. I could continue trying to breastfeed with the lip and posterior tongue tie, I could get the tongue tie released with a laser by going to see a dentist, or I could get the lip and posterior tongue tie released with scissors by going to see an ears, nose, and throat doctor. I tried to continue breastfeeding with the ties, but after 3 weeks, I felt defeated. He was constantly hungry, I was in pain, and my ducts were always clogged which as a result prevented my milk supply from increasing. We found ourselves supplementing with one to two bottles a day and I had to pump directly after breastfeeding to unclog my ducts. Since his appetite was increasing and I was already unable to satisfy his hunger, I decided to make an appointment with the ears, nose, and throat doctor.

Going into the office, I was very hesitant about the procedure. The doctor spent a lot of time with us during the consultation explaining everything we would need to know and answering our questions. We felt comfortable with her, so we decided to get the procedure done. She did not use any anesthetics. The procedure lasted about 3 minutes. She cut the lip tie, and she made four cuts underneath his tongue. To me there was a lot of blood, but he stopped crying almost instantly. The doctor then spent time with us working on his latch, and there was an immediate noticable difference. For the first time, breastfeeding was painless, and I heard him chug! It has been exactly a week since his lip and tongue tie were released, and the only regret I have is that I wish I had made the appointment sooner.

Recovery was a little tough for him. After every feed, we have to massage the area to ensure that it does not heal back into the tongue tie. I am so relieved that today is the last day we need to massage the area.

If you are having difficulty with breastfeeding; if its painful, if your bleeding, if your ducts are clogging, if your baby is never satisfied, he may have a tongue and/or lip tie. There are different types of ties, but they all impact a baby’s ability to eat efficiently. I highly recommend taking him to an ears, nose, and throat doctor who can perform a frenulectomy.

Contact me if you would like the information for the ears, nose, and throat doctor or the dentist that were referred to me. My doctor was fantastic.

A few pictures =D






Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day! <333


Labor and Delivery: Meet Paul Raffaele Noojin

Good morning and happy Sunday! Life has been amazing at the Noojin residence =D Matt and I have been living in bliss with our now 2 week old son; we are completely obsessed with him =D Paul has brought me so much happiness. He is my little snuggle muffin.


My little Paulino was born early Sunday morning on February 7th. I went to the hospital on Saturday morning because I had light bleeding when I woke up. When I got there, it turned out that I was having contractions and I was 2 centimeters dilated. They kept Matt and I there for four hours, but since I hadn’t dilated any more in those four hours, they decided to discharge me. Within two hours, we were back at the hospital to find out I had dilated 4 more centimeters. The contractions were intense at 6 centimeters, but I was so determined to give birth without medication that I dealt with the pain. That plan ended when I was having contractions at 8 centimeters. I decided to request an epidural because I could not deal with the minute long contractions that were coming every 2 to 3 minutes. By the time the epidural was administered, I was 9 centimeters dilated. The epidural worked on my right side, but not fully on my left. I still felt the contractions on the left side, but they were not intense anymore. At 3 am, my water broke, they turned off the epidural, and I started to push.


The delivery took about 25 minutes. At this point, the epidural wore off completely. Truthfully, pushing did not hurt until the last 5 pushes. During the last couple of pushes, the pain was indescribable, with each subsequent push more unbelievably painful than the last. After the last push, I heard my baby cry. I removed the towel that I had covered my face with during delivery and looked up at Matt. As I was looking at him, I was not prepared for the intense love that I felt for him. I didn’t think it was possible to be able to love him any stronger prior to this since I had already thought my love was at its strongest. This love was so intense. Then they put Paul on my body.

If I was a Saiyan from Dragonball Z, I would have powered up to Super Saiyan 3 in that one second. Except the power up would have come from intense love instead of anger for my two favorite boys  😉

Paul has given love a new meaning. Matt and I created this little being. He is perfect.

Meet Paul Raffaele












Thank you so much for reading =D  I hope you have a happy Sunday! =D