My Perfect Wedding

Happy Sunday and happy November 1st everyone =D I am so sorry that I have not posted in a while. Over the next few days, I will be sharing some big updates with you =D

Since I was a little Sandra, I have been obsessed with anything and everything pertaining to love and happiness.  I love these concepts so much that I find love and happiness within every situation and focus on them.

The standard definition of words like love and perfection give people an objective meaning for these terms. Words like these become significant when a person attaches a unique operational definition to them. Operational definitions describe the function of terms as it relates to specific circumstances.

Standard definition of:

Perfection: the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

Love: strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.

My operational definition of:

Perfection (in terms of being in a relationship):  Perfection is two people recognizing that flawlessness does not exist, accepting circumstances for what they are, accepting each other for who they are, and embracing the positive and focusing on the happiness in every situation.

Love (in terms of being in a relationship):  Love is two people who solely express their romantic and sexual feelings to each other, who accept each other for their strengths and shortcomings, who are willing to work through any problem that may occur, and who aim to make each other happy.

My Perfect Wedding Day

The only condition that I needed for my wedding to be perfect was that Matt and I were saying our vows to each other. Everything else was secondary to me (for example, if I had a dress to wear, what date we got married on, where we got married, etc) because the particulars were not necessary to the actual event of marrying my best friend.

Saying Our Vows

The 8 minutes that were actually spent saying our vows were accompanied by such powerful feelings and emotions. Seconds before we began saying our vows, I just looked at Matt and kept thinking of the reasons why I wanted him to be my husband. I was looking at the man that I decided long ago that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. But even much more than that. I was looking at the man that I would do anything for, the man that I would happily live through any circumstance with, and the man that I want to work through any situation that may arise between us with. This is the man that I accept for who he is and who I want to make happy every day for the rest of our lives. I was looking at my soul mate, my partner, my best friend, and now my husband. Saying our vows to each other was perfect.

Here are some pictures =D

Getting ready to say our vows =)


Saying our vows =D





We are married <3333




While we were getting married, I felt our son’s movements stronger than ever. Our third witness, our son, was super excited to hear his parents getting married and to feel his mama’s emotions during the process. =) I love my family. Everything is perfect.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday =D

I am 23 Weeks Pregnant and Loving It!

Good afternoon everyone and happy Monday <3

My Baby 

This week has been incredible. This was the first week that I have been able to feel so many different movements of my baby boy. In a matter of days, his movements went from some flutters and some kicks here and there to strong kicks and noticeable twist and turns. The cutest thing he has been doing is putting his head in my belly button. When he does that, not only can I poke his head with my finger, but my stomach becomes so tight that I am unable to bend over. I probably shouldn’t be poking his cute little head, but I can’t help it =)

His movements are strongest when I am sitting or laying down. The feeling is indescribable. It still amazes me everyday that my body is growing a human life; and I can feel him. He is his own being yet he is a part of me. I am a lucky woman to be able to experience something so wonderful. =D

My Body

Week 1 to 17:


Week 20


Week 23


So far, I have gained 10 pounds =) Since the first week of the second trimester, I have been gaining about a pound a week. I still have not resumed doing any toning exercises due to pelvic pressure, but since the weather has been so beautiful, I have been walking a mile five times a week. I feel absolutely incredible =D

I have started to experience braxton hicks contractions over the last week. They occur completely randomly and last between 1 to 2 minutes. Only 17 more weeks until I experience the real thing =D

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a wonderful day! =D



Why I Avoid the Deli Line

Good evening and happy Friday! As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I started researching foods that would offer essential nutrition to my baby as well as which foods that could potentially cause harm to my baby. Three foods that I used to eat on a regular basis have been on my avoid list during my entire pregnancy. As difficult as it has been, I am just too afraid to risk it.

Deli Meats


Oh how I miss my Prosciutto, Salami, and Sopressata. My mouth is watering just thinking about the delicious salty spicy goodness that could be in my mouth right now. As much as I love these meats, there is a risk of Listeria contamination on all deli and hard meats. Listeria poses a huge threat to your baby. Listeria contamination could be found in other foods as well. Please read about it on the Center for Disease Control website:

and on the Food and Drug Administration website:

Over Easy Eggs


I was eating these beauties every day for breakfast. I stopped when I found out I was pregnant because that delicious runny yolk can be contaminated with Listeria or Salmonella. It seems that Salmonella is not AS serious as Listeria or Toxoplasmosis, but it still may pose complications to your pregnancy and your baby.

Medium Rare Red Meat


I absolutely loved eating juicy medium rare burgers. We would top them off with jalapeños, onions, mushrooms and avocado to create the perfect juicy burger. I stopped eating undercooked red meat because there is a risk that it could be contaminated with Ecoli, Salmonella, Listera, or Toxoplasmosis. Ecoli, like Salmonella, does not seem to be AS serious as Listeria or Toxoplasmosis, but like Salmonella, may pose complications to your pregnancy and your baby.

If toxoplasmosis is contracted during pregnancy, the bacteria causes serious risks to your baby’s growth and development. Please read about it on the Center for Disease Control website:

and on the Food and Drug Administration website:

Listeria and toxoplasmosis are two bacterias found in food that pose a huge risk to your baby’s growth and development. Unfortunately, I had a toxoplasmosis scare at the beginning of my pregnancy. If you are interested, check it out here:

For more information about food poisoning, please refer to the following websites:

I hope that this post was helpful =D Thank you for reading, I hope that you have a wonderful night <3


My Number Two Pregnancy Craving: Jalapeño Sauce!

Happy Friday everyone! I have always loved spicy foods, but ever since I became pregnant I can not stop eating hot sauce with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! My favorite hot sauce is Trader Joe’s Jalapeño Sauce. It is perfection in a bottle. It is especially delicious with my scrambled eggs and toast in the morning =D The best part is I can understand every ingredient that is in this bottle. The ingredients are red ripened jalapeños, hot chili peppers, distilled vinegar and salt. I highly recommend this delicious sauce. I hope you have a wonderful night! =D


Delicious Chicken Burrito


Good afternoon and happy Friday! =D Chicken burritos are one of my favorite dinners because it is simple, delicious, and all of the ingredients are super nutritious! We oven roasted and steamed a whole 8 lb chicken for 3.5 hours at 350 degrees. The whole chicken is cooked at 25 minutes a pound. To steam the chicken, water is placed on the bottom of the pan. Be sure to cover with tin foil before placing in the oven. When the chicken comes out of the oven, separate the breasts, legs, and wings. The meat will be so moist from being steamed in the oven that it falls right off the bones. We made four different dinners from each part of this whole chicken.

For this meal, we are using chicken breasts, spinach, avocados, and whole wheat tortillas.

Why is this meal nutritious for your baby?

Oven Roasted Chicken Breasts contains Protein and Iron.

Spinach contains Magnesium, Folate, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Fiber, Choline, Omega 3 Fats, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and C. Eating spinach contributes to preventing birth defects in the baby.

Avocado contains Omega 3 fatty acids, Protein, Vitamin A, B6, and C, Calcium, Iron, Folate, and Magnesium. Eating avocados are essential to the baby’s eye and brain development.

Why are these nutrients important?

Iron helps create blood for you and baby as well as transports oxygen throughout your body.

Protein is necessary to the baby’s growth and organ development.

Fiber helps regulate the digestive track in pregnant women.

Calcium is necessary to the baby’s bone development.

Choline is essential to the development of the baby’s nervous system.

Omega 3 Fats is necessary to the development of the baby’s brain, eyes and nervous system. Many prenatal pills have DHA, which is an Omega 2 fatty acid.

Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamine, promotes the baby’s brain development.

Vitamin B2, also known as Riboflavin, contributes to the growth of the baby’s skin as well as eye development.

Manganese helps with the formation of the baby’s bones.

Vitamin C assists with the development of the baby’s skin and bones.

Vitamin B6 helps promote the production of white blood cells by ensuring that the organs that create them remain healthy.

Magnesium helps to regulate blood sugar levels and your build tissues.

Folate contributes to the prevention of brain and neural tube defects in your baby.

Potassium contributes to balancing electrolytes and nerve impulse transmission throughout your body.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a wonderful day <3


19 More Weeks!

Good evening and happy Sunday =D For me, getting ready to go to the doctors for an ultrasound is like getting ready to visit someone special who I have not been able to see for a really long time. I absolutely love being able to watch my baby on the ultrasound screen and to see how his brain, organs, bones, and extremities are developing. It is so amazing to see how much my baby has grown over the last 6 weeks. He is now 11 ounces and is the length of a banana =D My big boy <3

Over the past 20 weeks, my body has undergone some transformation =D Here are a few pictures.


The two pictures on the left were taken on Week 1, and the two pictures on the right were take on Week 17. I gained 4 pounds (115-119) from Week 1 to Week 17.


These two pictures were taken on Week 20. I gained a total of 8 beautiful pounds so far.

There is such a tremendous difference with the way I feel now from the way that  I felt during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy. Week 15 through Week 17 were by far the easiest weeks. My all day sickness completely subsided, I was no longer living in the bathroom, I was sleeping for a solid 6 hours a night without waking up to use the bathroom (I also cut back on how much water I was drinking before bedtime), I was experiencing very mild cramping, and my energy came completely back. I was also able to complete leg and butt toning exercises for 30 minutes four days a week without any hesitation.

Week 18 is when my stomach starting feeling particularly heavy and I started feeling severe pelvic pressure. The pressure is not painful at all, it is just very uncomfortable, gave us a big scare, and it prompted me to change my expectations about completing toning exercises during pregnancy. To accommodate the pressure, I have discontinued toning exercises, I walk much slower, and I take it as easy as possible when engaging in movements such as bending, squatting, and transitioning my body from sitting to standing or laying to sitting. Due to the heaviness on my stomach, I am finding it hard to stay comfortable throughout the night. I try to only sleep on my side because there is a risk of the baby laying on an artery if I lay on my back which will reduce blood flow to my brain and therefore to the placenta. Every transition I make while sleeping wakes me up. So far over the course of this entire pregnancy, the pelvic pressure has been the only symptom that I have found difficult, and it is mostly because I have had to make so many accommodations because of it. I promise you though, the pressure is worth it and for me has been the only nuisance in pregnancy thus far. If my baby needs room, he can give me all the pressure he needs to be comfortable =D At the beginning of Week 20, my pelvic pressure became less severe and was no longer continuous. I feel this pressure a few times during the day, sometimes for a long duration, but is no where near as uncomfortable as it was during Week 18.

Week 18 was also the week that I was first able to distinguish his movements from everything else going on within my body, and it is by far my favorite part of pregnancy! Every day, his movements become stronger, more frequent, and longer in duration. Every time I feel him is as amazing as the first <3 I actually feel his kicks now, I love it so much!

I have to say, I really love my maternity pants. I bought three pairs of MAMA Skinny Maternity Pants from H&M, and I must show you what they look like =D







Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a wonderful night =D

20 Beautiful Weeks of Pregnancy =D

Good evening and happy Wednesday! =D I am now 20 weeks, and I am loving everything about this pregnancy. Week 18 marked a lot of novel experiences for me. It was officially the first week that I had a noticeable baby bump, it was the first time that I was able to distinguish my son’s movements from everything else going on in my body, it was the moment it was a necessity to buy maternity pants, and it was the first time that I experienced heavy and severe pelvic pressure. I had pelvic pressure for a full 12 hours before getting an emergency ultra sound; and it turned out my baby was just starting the make extra room in my tummy. They did not show me the ultrasound at first when I was getting checked out to make sure the pelvis pressure was not anything serious. Matt said the first thing he saw when baby boy was on the ultrasound was him stretching. Little cutie. A few moments later, the ultrasound technician asked us “do you know what you are having, because it is very clear.” Before I even looked at the screen, Matt’s excited reaction of, “Woah! Good for him!” already suggested to me that our first child is a masculine child.

Now that I am in week 20, I had to change my expectations about working out. I was working out 4 times a week until my severe pelvic pressure started, so I have not done any toning exercises since week 18. I have been staying in tune with my body and I know that I need to take it easy for now.  I have been really enjoying slow walks, especially while this weather is so beautiful. I am so used to walking to places in a rush, but now I take an extra hour before I go somewhere just so I can enjoy every moment of the autumn air. In a few weeks, I hope to start prenatal yoga classes. I am planning on giving birth naturally (we will see how that goes and if my mind changes in the delivery room), but prenatal yoga will help me stay in shape, assist with stretching, and teach me breathing techniques.

So far, I have gained 8 beautiful pounds this pregnancy. My pre pregnancy weight was 115 and I am currently 123. I’m trying not to worry about how much weight I gain, my body will gain whatever it needs to support the growth and development of my baby. However, I do monitor what I eat. If I eat 2100 calories in one day, I make sure that they are calories that are made up of nutrients that will positively impact my baby’s development. I do have days where I eat empty calories, but I do not do it every day.

To support my growing belly, I found the best maternity pants ever. I bought three pairs of MAMA Skinny Maternity Pants at H&M, and they are probably my favorite pants ever! I will be posting some pictures soon =D

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day! =D

Delicious Chili =D


Matt introduced chili to me a few years into dating, and it has been one of my favorite dishes since. Chili is super delicious and you can taste every ounce of love that Matt puts into it. What makes this dish even more amazing is that each ingredient contains nutrients that are essential to our son’s development =D

Lean Ground Beef or Ground Turkey

Contains iron and protein

Black Beans

Contains fiber, thiamine, protein

Red Peppers

Contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, and folate


Contains vitamin C, iron, and manganese


Contains vitamin B6, vitamin C, folate, iron, potassium, magnesium, and chromium


Contains vitamin C

Why are these nutrients important?

Iron helps create blood for you and baby as well as transports oxygen throughout your body.

Protein is necessary to the baby’s growth and organ development.

Fiber helps regulate the digestive track in pregnant women.

Thiamine helps promote a healthy nervous and muscular system for your baby.

Vitamin C assists with the development of your baby’s skin and bones.

Vitamin B6 helps promote the production of white blood cells by ensuring that the organs that create them remain healthy.

Magnesium helps to regulate blood sugar levels and your build tissues.

Folate contributes to the prevention of brain and neural tube defects in your baby.

Potassium contributes to balancing electrolytes and nerve impulse transmission throughout your body.

Chromium assists with breaking down and storing fat and protein as well as contributes to stabilizing glucose levels in your body.

Recipe by my wonderful and thoughtful fiancé, Matt <3



1lb Ground Turkey or Lean Beef

1 Jalapeno

2 Red Peppers

1 Onion

4 Tomatoes (or you can add one 1 can of tomato puree)

1 Package of Black Beans (or 1 can of black beans)



If you are using beans that come in a package, you will need to cook the beans for a few hours before they are ready to be consumed.

After the beans are cooked, you can put a pot with some oil (we use canola oil) on medium heat and place ground turkey or beef into it. When fully cooked, add onion, peppers, and jalapeño and cook until they are sautéed. Then add the tomatoes (or can of tomato puree) and the cooked black beans (or can of beans) into the pot and stir. Cover and let cook on medium heat for about 2 hours stirring every couple of minutes, then let it simmer for another half hour still stirring every couple of minutes. Turn the gas off and let set for a few minutes before serving.  It is super delicious and super nutritious.

I hope that you enjoy and that you have a happy Tuesday =D


Limiting Exposure to Toxins Found in Plastic and Cans

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday! In this post, I will share all of the information that I have learned about the toxins that are found in plastic and cans. I provided links that will direct you to the Center of Disease Control, WebMD, and Livestrong. I hope this post is helpful =D


What are the toxins found in plastic?

  • Phthalates

  • Benzene

  • Styrene

  • Bisphenol A

Vinyl Chloride

There are seven types of plastic that we come into contact with. If you look on the bottom of any water bottle, you will notice the number 1 (which is toxic) engraved into it. If you look at the bottom of a gallon of milk, you will notice the number 2 (which is safe) engraved into it.  Here are two links that will explain each type of plastic.


What toxins are found in cans?

  • Bisphenol A

What have I done to limit my exposure to toxins found in plastic and cans?

To avoid exposure to toxins, I discontinued eating food that is stored in cans and I limit my exposure to plastic. I try to only drink out of glass bottles, and I store food in glass containers.

I hope this post was helpful! I hope you have a happy Sunday =D

My Cute Little Kitties and My Toxoplasmosis Scare

Good Evening and happy Friday!

I have three zany, quirky, and lovable kitties that are super lovable and super cute. Each of these kitties put a smile on my face on a daily basis. So how can these cats be dangerous to me and my baby? In this post, I will introduce you to my kitties, provide a description about them, and explain how they cause a serious danger to me an my baby. If you are not interested in reading about my kitties, skip to the bottom of the post where I introduce the topic of importance: Toxoplasmosis

Meet Boo Boo  


Boo Boo came into our lives in March 2012. He is officially my first pet ever. He was a crazy kitten, but after a year, became the cuddly little Boo Boo Bear that he is today. Boo Boo is the quirkiest kitty of the three of our cats. When he is upset, he will drop down and start kicking the floor with his feet to warn us that he is not in a good mood. It is the cutest thing ever. His favorite past times are to chirp at birds from a window, chase flies (with no success) around our apartment, crawl into dark confined spaces, and drink running water from the faucet. He truly is an interesting and eccentric cat.

Meet Baby Jesus


This kitty will break your heart. He came into our lives in June 2012. From the moment we brought him home, he was always the most gentle, kind, and lovable kitty. For the first year, we thought Boo Boo was a girl, so we originally decided to get Baby Jesus to mate with him. It was not until a few months later that I saw a pink thing come out of Boo Boo’s vagina–only to discover that he never had a vagina. We were wondering why Boo Boo was always trying to dominate Baby Jesus, usually, it is the male cat who tries to dominate the female. Well, not only was Boo Boo actually a male, but he over asserted his alpha maleness by dominating Baby Jesus, and unfortunately defiled him for about a year. This stopped when we got them neutered, which was a blessing. However, as a result to Boo Boo’s harassment, Baby Jesus developed severe kitty anxiety. When he is not anxious, his favorite past time is to lay on our chest and snuggle with us. He literally does not have any other hobbies besides staring at us. He developed such an attachment to us that he cries and scratches at our bedroom door at night until we let him in–the happiness that this cat expresses when we open the door is super cute. This cat wants nothing but our love.

Meet Owen


This kitty was the best mistake ever. We brought this cat home in April 2015, and everyday since he has demonstrated his appreciation for us. Unlike Baby Jesus who wants our love, all this kitty cares about is giving us love. He does not stop cuddling with us! Everywhere we go, Owen follows and spreads his love everywhere. This cat is truly grateful to have a home and to not be in a cage.

This is the first cat we actually purchased (we picked up the other two cats from owners through craigslist). He was intended to be a gift for my wonderful mother. Matt and I spent a lot of time with kittens trying to find the perfect companion for her, and when they brought Owen and his two brothers to us, Owen instantaneously gave us so much love. He would not stop rubbing on us or sitting on us. This kitty was the winner; the perfect companion. We decided to participate in the foster to adopt program, which allowed us 30 days to return him if we were unsatisfied. My mom was never a pet owner, and though she loved him, she decided she was unhappy with owning a cat and wanted us to give him back. Matt and I had grown attached to this little guy, so we brought him to our apartment. Owen’s favorite past times are to give love to us and our other cats, snuggle with us, rub on us, chirp at birds with big brother Boo Boo, wrestle with Baby Jesus, chase flies around our apartment (successfully), and the cutest of all of our cats past times: collect bottle caps. We recently found a stash of the bottle caps that he has collected over the last few months–17 to be exact. When his stash was exposed, he had to move them to a new place. This cat is the perfect kitten.

Owen is very sickly; the people we were fostering him from took care of all medical bills during the foster period, so we brought him to the vet. It turned out that he was infected with eye herpes, and he had some parasites in his tummy. We were going to return him, but I just couldn’t do it!! There is nothing we could do for his eye herpes, and our other cats were already exposed (though they are up to date on their shots so it decreases the probability of them contracting the virus). And no, feline herpes can not be passed to humans. We actually took him to our own vet prior to taking him to the vet who has been handling him since he was a baby. Our vet ended up misdiagnosing him and giving us medications that caused him to have uncontrollable bowel movements. Thats when we took him to his original vet who gave us the proper diagnosis and it took about three weeks for Owen’s bowel movements to become somewhat regular.

This is where the toxoplasmosis scare came in.


I first researched Toxoplasmosis at

Please visit the site above for more details!

Toxoplasmosis is a parasite that is found in undercooked meat. The reason cats pose a threat is because if they eat a rodent, bird, or other animal that is infected with the parasite, they too will become infected. The parasite sheds through their feces, and is highly contagious.

How does this impact me and my child during pregnancy?

If a woman becomes infected with Toxoplasmosis 6 months prior to becoming pregnant through anytime throughout the pregnancy, the child is at high risk for developing brain damage.

My Toxoplasmosis Scare

When we brought Owen home, there was a three week period where he had uncontrollable bowel movements. This caused me to clean up after him multiple times a day. I conceived in May, and found out I was pregnant in July. When I found out that I was pregnant, I was deeply concerned I contracted Toxoplasmosis from this cat while he was sick. For the first week of my pregnancy, I was incredibly anxious; fearful that I harmed my baby. We took Owen to the vet, got him tested for Toxoplasmosis, and after what seemed to be the longest week ever, we found out that he was negative! I was so excited because I knew at that point if I did have it, I would have contracted it a long time ago from my other cats. A week later, I got tested for Toxoplasmosis at my gynecologist’s office and the results came back negative =D I was so relieved after getting my results back! =D We are now in the process of testing our other two kitties.

I am so afraid of this parasite that I am probably going to get tested a few more times throughout this pregnancy.

I hope that this post was helpful =D I hope that you have a wonderful night! <3