Paul’s First Christmas Tree Story at Wantage Christmas Tree Farm

Paul’s First Christmas Tree Story at Wantage Christmas Tree Farm

Good afternoon and happy Monday! That very special time of the year is here and I am so excited to share the Noojin family tradition. Four years ago, Matt and I started a beautiful Christmas tradition to cut down our own tree, and this year was extra special because it was Paul’s first Christmas tree adventure =D  We could not have gone on a better day; it was sunny and cool–just the perfect day for tree chopping. For the past three years, Matt and I have found our perfect Christmas tree at Wantage Christmas Tree Farm in North Jersey. The farm is about an hour and half north of us; and the drive up there is so peaceful and scenic. We always listen to good Christmas music on the drive up there to prepare for the day. This year, I had the pleasure of listening to Paul and papa laughing and mimicking each other in the back seat. Matt said “Bah!’, Paul said “Bah!”, Matt blew a raspberry, Paul blew a raspberry. It is so wonderful to hear my son interact with us and be so aware and engaged with what we are doing.

When we arrive at this Christmas tree farm, exiting the car is always so refreshing. It is such a nice escape from the city; the farm smells like Christmas! The family who owns the farm always greets us with big smiles; they offer us help; complimentary hot chocolate and cookies; as well as a great conversation. It is just such a pleasant place to spend time at. Every year, they have a large selection of different types of trees to choose from. Matt and I usually choose the biggest Douglas Fur in the farm; but this year we wanted something smaller for Paul. Paul had such a wonderful time. He looked at, pointed at, and touched all of the trees; and babbled about them to us. He absolutely loves being outside and observing and touching his surroundings. We found the perfect Christmas tree–with its healthy thick leaves and triangular shape; we could not be any more happier with it. After Matt cut it down, he cut off a piece of the trunk so that we can make it into make into something special.

Here are some pictures from our adventure:

















And a big thank you to the family who operates the farm =D


Fashion as seen in this post:

Sandra: Coat: Modcloth circa 2012 // Hat: H&M circa 2014 // Sweater: American Apparel circa 2012 // Jeans: Urban Outfitters (BBG) Circa 2013 // Boots: Steve Madden (Troopa) circa 2011 // Kitten Scarf: Modcloth circa 2012

Paul: Hat: Babies R Us // All other clothes are hand me downs

Thank you so much for reading about Paul’s first Christmas tree story =D I hope you have a happy Monday!

Christmas Time <3

Good afternoon and happy Sunday! =D My favorite time of year starts during mid October when the cool autumn air first fills the city. This is the time of the year that I most love to spend time outside. Everything looks so incredibly beautiful, and there is something about the way it smells outside that makes me feel so happy. I feel the same way in December when it is brisk outside. There is something so exciting about getting ready for Christmas, and eventually, for the winter snow.

Every year, during the last weekend of November, Matt and I go to an amazing Christmas Tree Farm in Northern NJ  to cut down our own Christmas Tree. It is something that I look forward to all year. The whole experience of planning our trip and going on our trip is so wonderful and relaxing. =D We always pick a really tall and big tree. This year, we claimed a 7 inch super fluffy tree.

Here are some pictures:

Here is Matt cutting down the tree =D


Here is Matt dragging the tree to the car while I stop an look at holes created by animals in the ground. =D


We invested in a really good stand this year. Every year prior to this, we used a cheap plastic stand and all of our trees fell over. It was impossible to get them straight. This year, we purchased a metal stand. It is absolutely AMAZING and will definitely last us for years to come. =D


After the tree is set up, we let it continue open for a few hours. The apartment smells like Christmas as soon we open the tree. After the sun has set, Matt and I blast Christmas music and decorate our tree. =D After we are done decorating, we shut the lights off, sit in the living room, and just enjoy the moment =D


I can not wait for our son to share in these moments with us. It is so exciting that he will be 10 months old when he enjoys his first Christmas. I am very passionate about early childhood development, so I already have a list of functional toys that he will be getting next year that will foster his cognitive, fine motor, literacy and language development. <3

Thank you so much for reading, happy holidays! =D