Week 8: The Decision to Change My Lifestyle =D

Good afternoon and happy Friday =D This post is about the hours following my appointment.  I hope that you enjoy =D

I had to be gone for about 2 hours before arriving home to my apartment where my partner was awaiting my return. I will never forgot the big smile on his face when he greeted me at the door. We both smiled at each other for a few seconds, and then I said, “I’m pregnant.” The upcoming hours after telling him was a very happy and loving experience that I will never forget. We spent the entire day planning the next steps in our lives.  There is so much to look forward to =D

For about the last year, Matt and I have been doing extensive research on which environmental factors are toxic to our bodies. Personally, I started this research when I was diagnosed with Phyllodes Tumors of the breast in July 2014. Once we found out I was pregnant, we made drastic changes to both of out lifestyles. I just want to reinforce that there are no right or wrong lifestyle choices during pregnancy; my lifestyle choices are not the right way, rather they are the ones that work best for me. I want to share my lifestyle choices with you and the reasonings behind my choices. =D

In a matter of hours, the following was decided:

  1. To throw away all of our plastic tupperware and to not to drink from plastic bottles
  2. To throw away all of our nonstick pans
  3. To only have Matt clean the litter box
  4. To discontinue the use of toxic cleaning supplies
  5. To try to eat organically
  6. To discontinue eating products from cans
  7. To avoid food additives

My next few posts will explain why each of these choices were made and what we did to accommodate these changes. I hope that you find them helpful! <3

The First Eight Weeks =D

Good evening and happy Saturday! This post is all about my experience through the first eight weeks of my first trimester. These were the weeks in which I was not aware that I was pregnant. I hope that you find this helpful =D

On June 12th, 2015, I went to the ER due to a severe pain on my right side. I had been experiencing that same pain for four days before I finally went to the ER. They confirmed that I had a cyst on my right ovary that seemed to be twisting and untwisting. With a blood pregnancy test that came back negative and a diagnosis, I thought I just had a cyst. After the pain subsided, I became very sick: I was overwhelmingly tired all the time to a point where I was in bed or needed to be in bed for the majority of the day; I was incredibly nauseous and unable to keep down most foods, and the foods that I used to love to eat became increasingly aversive; I was very thirsty, everyday I drank double the amount of water that I drank prior to becoming pregnant; My bladder became very overwhelming, the sensation to pee sometimes came on so suddenly and strong that I found myself darting for the bathroom. What was even crazier was that I would use the bathroom, and by the time I was done washing my hands, I would have a full bladder again! Sometimes I did not even see a reason to leave to bathroom between my bladder and my nauseousness. I was very weak, and for my entire first trimester, I worked in a position that required me to be physically active for an extended duration. I was no longer able to complete the strenuous activities that I was once able to do without any hesitation. If I was not home and in bed, I found myself sitting because of how weak and nauseous I was. I could not believe that a cyst was causing me to become this ill. On July 2nd, I did not leave the bathroom because I was so sick, so I decided to call out of work and make an appointment to go my gynecologist. When I arrived at the office, I told them my symptoms and his assistant asked, “Could you be pregnant?” I told her that the blood test a few weeks prior came out negative, and she took a urine sample and we waited for one minute. She showed me this:



and said, “Congratulations, you are very pregnant.” At that very moment, I was so overcome with happiness that all of the symptoms that I had been feeling for the last eight weeks were suddenly so worth it.

Check back for my next post!