Happy 19 Months

Happy 19 Months

Good afternoon and happy Thursday! Paul bear is 19 months old today, and this will officially be the last monthly update. My focus going forward will be sharing activities that foster his development. Month 18 was spectacular; here are some of the milestones Paul has reached:

  • He holds books correctly; flips page by page; identifies front cover and back cover; identifies words and illustrations; and tries to read!
  • He falls asleep in his crib without nursing at night and sleeps from 7:30pm to 6am.
  • He has acquired a lot more language and he tries to say every word we ask him to say.
  • He puts on his shorts and pants and tries to pull them up and down.
  • He walks up and down any step holding onto the railing.
  • He still loves to pretend to cook and do chores
  • He gives good morning and good night kisses to everyone; including the cats.
  • He independently gives kisses when someone has a boo boo or is sad and He asks for kisses when he has a boo or is sad.
  • He LOVES snuggling.
  • Daytime nursing has increased because we weaned before bedtime and nighttime nursing.
  • He shakes his head yes and says NAH when he wants something.
  • He jokes!! When I say something like, “do we eat cat food?” He says “noooo”
  • When I say I love you, he looks at me and makes kissing gestures.
  • He loves imitating mama and dada and always wants to do chores like washing the dishes, doing laundry, and putting his toys away! Thank you Paul for helping keep our home clean =)
  • He is super strong; he can climb up almost anything at the park, and he can do pull ups and hold himself up on the monkey bars for longer than I can. We go to the playground everyday to work on his gross motor skills and strength.
  • He has become more interested in art; we are working on his fine motor skills through coloring, gluing, ripping paper, etc.
  • He loves books; he points to word when he reads.
  • He can make some animal sounds; he can make the sounds horses, sheeps, and dogs when asked.
  • He can identify the colors: red, blue, orange, green and purple.
  • He understands the prepositions behind, in front of, under, on top, in, out, etc.
  • He calls all women and girls “mamas”, all men “dadas”, all girls and boys “boys”.
  • His canine teeth are growing in, and he has been in so much pain. On days he is teething, nap is a no go. It’s okay though, it means extra snuggles for mama and dada!

These are some of the milestones Paul has reached this month =) Thank you for reading! I hope you have a happy Friday =D

My Baby is 17 Months

My Baby is 17 Months

Good evening and happy Friday! Paulino is 17 months today, and I am emotional as ever. He is not a baby anymore; but rather a thoughtful, loving, and happy little toddler. Here are some developmental highlights that occurred this month:


The day that Paul turned 16 months old was the day he started sleeping through the night. On the first night that this happened, I remember falling asleep at 10:30pm and waking up at 4:30am feeling refreshed for the first time in two years. Currently, Paul is falling asleep around 7pm and sleeps until 5am (which he then nurses and sleeps until he wakes up at 6am or 6:30am) OR he falls asleep at 7pm and wakes up once to nurse before 4:30 am and then sleeps until he wakes up at 6am or 6:30am. If he falls asleep at 8pm, then he will sleep through the night until he wakes up around 6am. This month, he also fell asleep for the first time ever without mama and instead while cuddling happily with dada.

Language development

  • He picks old food and fuzz off the ground or on mama and says “yucky.”  He loves this word and always uses it appropriately. He always throws what he picks up into the garbage.
  • His three new words are yucky, boy, and die. To give you a little context on why he learned the word die: whenever I’m dehydrated or hungry, I would joke and say “if mama doesn’t drink water, I’m gonna die” and I would say it in a funny accent and he would laugh hysterically. Well he picked the word die up really quickly and uses it to make me laugh.
  • He says the sound of the letter y very well in addition the the letters he learned last month.
  • If Paul sees the letter B he will say it’s sound.

Cognitive Development

  • Paul follows routines and completes tasks such as flushing the toilet, throwing garbage in the garbage and the recycling in the recycling, eating, drinking water, etc independently and when asked. He loves to help with chores.
  • He is able to put his shoes halfway on his feet.
  • He pulls his pants up and down when getting dressed.
  • He plays with toys functionally independently.
  • He likes to play with cars and roll one or two at a time; as well as play with his garage set.
  • He loves pretending to cook!! He pretends to mix and scoop and sniff and taste and he will either say nun nun or yucky. He adds different toys in a bowl to cook with; it’s incredible.
  • If he does an inappropriate behavior (like pulling hair) and you show him an appropriate behavior (petting or kissing hair) he will do the appropriate behavior.
  • He claps for himself and others when a task is completed or when something nice or thoughtful is done.
  • He puts items back where they belong when he is done with them or when he finds them on the floor.
  • He traces shapes on pages with his finger.
  • He identifies the words in a story as well as the pictures.
  • He know to wash his hands at the sink after we come in from playing outside and before we eat.
  • He knows to go in his chair for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • He knows how to sit on chairs.
  • He covers mama up after he is done drinking milk.
  • When we go outside, he picks up his shoes and tries to put them on and then he picks up mamas shoes and tries to put them on me.
  • He knows the difference between sneakers, boots, and Sandals.
  • When someone tells him no, he also moves his pointer finger to express the word no.
  • He could tell the difference between males and females. He calls all males dada and all females mama.
  • He puts items away nicely or puts them back where they belong. 
  • He’s starting to tell us when he needs a new diaper. If I say “did you go pee pee?” he point to the front of his diaper and if I say “did you go poo poo?”he points to the back of his diaper. 
  • He picks up garbage off the floor and throws it in the garbage and he picks up dirty laundry and puts it in the laundry bag. 

Fine motor/gross motor

  • He has been practicing rolling his wrists.
  • He climbs on all furniture.
  • He spins.


  • Paul loves playing social games such is peek a boo, hide and seek, i’m gonna get you, tickle love, and copy/imitate.
  • He loves to do things to make us laugh.
  • Paul still loves to nurse, but he is definitely starting to ween himself.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a happy Friday!

Here are some pictures:

Paul is 16 Months Old

Paul is 16 Months Old

Good afternoon and happy Friday! It is unbelievable that my little Paulie is 16 months old =) Here are some milestones that he reached this month:


  • Paulie is able to imitate the sound of the letter A, B, C, D, F, H, K, L, M, P, and T.
  • He understands everything that we are saying and follows directions very well.
  • If we say, “I’m putting your left arm through the sleeve; transfer/switch the (item) to your other hand” “wipe your hands and then throw the napkin away” or “put the bucket back in the cabinet under the sink” he does it.
  • He understands the pronouns mine, your, his, and her.
  • He babbles sentences and makes new combinations everyday.
  • Here are some of my favorites:
    • He will get food items from the refrigerator if we ask him to get it.
    • When I say “mama wants chocolate milk” he will go take out the milk and Hershey syrup and bring it to me.
    • He disciplines the cats!!!! If they scratch at the door, Paul will run to them, say “tsssssss” and then wave his hands and say “dump dump.” They listen to him too!
    • We call him Bubba and he now refers to himself as Bubba.

Gross Motor Development:

  • He loves loves loves to climb and he tries to hard to jump!
  • He loves to run!

Fine motor:

  • Paul rubs, squeezes, and rips items with his hands.

Cognitive Development:

  • He can identify and sort circles, triangles, stars, squares and x’s.
  • He understands the concepts of the following words: over, under, inside, outside, in, out, in front of, behind, next to, the other one, other, another, one more, another one, etc.
  • He will do an appropriate action when asked; for example “rub dada’s eyes”
  • He identifies hands, feet, shoes, socks, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, hair, top of head, mouth, tongue, teeth, cooking utensils, etc in books and on TV on humans and animals.
  • He makes inferences from books and tv to real life; for example, if brushing a cat is depicted, he will go brush his cat.
  • His favorite activity to do is engage in pretend play. He loves to pretend he is cooking, and puts blocks in a bowl and mixes them with a scoop and pretends to try it and also asks whoever is in the room to try it. He will either say “mmmm” “nom nom” or “yuck” after he pretends to take a taste. It is adorable!
  • He loves cars; when we go on walks he wants to stop and point at the wheels and other parts of every car we pass.
  • He loves exploring sounds that he hears; he is currently interested in car sirens.
  • He understands that we smell with our nose, hear with our ears, taste with our tongue, feel with our hands and bite with our teeth.
  • He loves reading and being read to!
  • He loves to do whatever mama and dada do, such as: sweeping  (he will sweep and actually throw it in the garbage), flushing toilet, turning bath on, cleaning, etc.
  • He is able to sit down and flip through pages of a book independently.
  • He could play hide the shape where, when asked, he hides a shape under one of his bowls. 


  • He loves to make us laugh! He is a little goofball! If we laugh at something he does he will laugh and keep doing it.
  • He laughs when we laugh and he smiles when we smile.
  • He responds to us when we ask him questions and speak to him.
  • He makes a cute little whimper when he dislikes something, is skeptical about something, or doesn’t want to do something.
  • He says “na” when he is very interested in something or wants to do something.
  • He mimics movements and speech.
  • He loves waving, blowing kisses, hugging, and tickling and being tickled!
  • My favorite is when I’m breastfeeding and I rub my eyes and he will then rub my eyes with his hands. Also, when he plays with my hair while breastfeeding. I just love breastfeeding him; we crack each other up!
  • He loves asking for kisses when he gets hurt or when he pretends to get hurt; and he gives kisses when we get hurt!

These are some of the milestones Paulie has reached this month! Thank you for reading, I hope you have a happy Friday!

Diary of Mama Bear: Paul is 14 Months Old

Diary of Mama Bear: Paul is 14 Months Old

Good morning and happy Friday! Month 13 was a super fun month =D 


  • practices blowing
  • says the sound of the letter P
  • Says the sound “ts” 
  • Says the word jump and then tries to jump
  • points to his and others eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, and head
  • imitates putting objects on top of head and nose
  • is able to find a hidden object that was moved
  • Starting building with blocks (he practices balancing them)
  • Rolls cars
  • Bounces balls
  •  copies actions such as sweeping, using Q tips, pouring cat food into cat bowl, cleaning litter box, and flushing the toilet
  • calls all food num num, all cats boo boo, calls mamas milk nom mom
  • Sniffs food and objects to smell them. 
  • Say “mmmm” and “yum”
  • points to the body part that hurts when he falls or bangs it
  • tries to put socks on his feet
  • tries to put socks and sneakers on mamas feet
  • drinks from a sippy cup
  • eats with a spoon out of a bowl
  • wipes his hands and mouth with wet ones when asked
  • wipes his tray to help clean. 
  • Rubs his head on his cats (like they do to him)
  • Pretends to eat, drink, cough and laugh
  • Hides behind doors and wants us to find him
  • Plays peek a boo
  • Copies whispering
  • Copies yelling
  • Crawls under tables
  • Combs hair
  • Kisses cats
  • Understands the commands “stand” “sit” and “lay down” 
  • Pretends to be tired by laying down
  • Climbs up the stairs
  • Makes a raspberry sound when we say someone farted 
  • Loves loves loves sensory activities 
  • Adores his cats 
  • Says “nooooo” jokingly
  • When he play with water, he will walk really slowly with water in a cup to dump it in another bowl 
  • Copies and imitates sounds and actions that mama and dada do
  • Tries to say “dump” while he dumps water or toys outs of buckets 
  • Uses the words jump and dump consistentently and appropriately 
  • Runs 
  • Requests to go in his crib when he is tired and lays down
  • Tries to imitate humming

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a happy day =D

The Diary of Mama Bear: Paul is 13 Months Old

The Diary of Mama Bear: Paul is 13 Months Old

Good afternoon and happy Tuesday! =D Month 12 was such an amazing month; we have been blessed with such a happy, healthy, curious, funny and outgoing little boy =D I am so grateful <3  I just love love love love Paul’s personality. He is SO happy all the time, and he has such an incredible sense of humor. My favorite thing that he does is he LOVES to give kisses. One of our games is for him to give me a kiss, and then I chase him around saying “I want a kiss” and then I disappear, and when he comes to fine me I pop out and he falls down because he is laughing so hard =D

Pauls Humor

He thinks it is hilarious when:

  • We sniff his body or other peoples bodies and say “Pee You!” (or some variation of that).
  • When we so “yucky!”(or some variation of that) when he sticks his fingers in our mouth.
  • When he eats something inedible and we say “eww gross!” (or some variation of that).
  • When he tickles mamas feet and play’s the game I’m gonna get you and chases me around the apartment trying to tickle me.
  • When we tickle him.
  • When we play peek a boo (he initiates the game and will hide until we say “where’s Paul” and he will pop out and smile and laugh). He will hide behind window curtains or doors and pop out and laugh when we say “where’s Paul.
  • When he feeds us food and we say “yum” (or some variation of that).
  • When we chase each other around the apartment.
  • When he points to our eyes and accidentally pokes us and we make a funny face and say “ouch”(or some variation of that).
  • When we make funny impressions while reading stories.
  • Some new social games include: him running to mama and saying “dada” and laughing and then running to dada and saying “mama” and laughing. He thinks it is hilarious when we copy sounds and actions that he does. He also thinks its funny when he yells “mama” and mama yells “paul” in response.
  • Paul has been brushing his hair and other peoples hair as well; and when I say “brush mama’s hair” he goes to brush my hair and then tries to eat it and cracks up when I say “ew!’
  • He is such a little goofball. He even cracks himself up sometimes when he accidentally does something silly. I love being Paul’s mama =D

 Here is a list of some of the milestones Paul has reached this month and some special moments that I jotted down:

  • Paul is able to transition into standing position from any position and walk and run around.
  • He is so adventurous and climbs on anything to get to his objective.
  • Paul understands everything we are saying and consistently follows demands.
  • He copies actions; if i put a block on my head he will put a block on his head.
  • He has been very interested in the parts of the face, and he is able to point to his and anyone elses nose when asked the appropriate demand. We are working on pointing to all of the parts of his face and mama and dada’s face when labeled.
  • Paul found a toy that he used to play with, walked over to the coffee table, stuck it on, and played with it, What a great memory!
  • Paul understands when we say “wait” and waits for us! and even whines and babbles at us using very adorable hand motions (mama is Italian so I wonder where he learned that from).
  • He loves eating with a spoon, He practices scooping food onto the spoon and biting the food off the spoon at least once a day.
  • Paul pretends to eat by pretending to pick something up, looking, at us, saying “yum” or “nom nom” and laughing.
  • He is able to sit and sort shape blocks.
  • He has developed an interest for cars.
  • He throws a ball to mama and mama rolls it back to him.
  • He makes really cute faces when things blow in his face.
  • He tries to walk up steps.
  • Paul whimpers like a little puppy dog when he wants his mama.
  • He brushes his hair.
  • He cracks up and imitates mama brushing her teeth.
  • he tries to drink from adult cups.
  • If I place three objects in front of him and put something under one of the objects and ask “where is the ____?” he will pick up to appropriate object to get the item.
  • Paul LOVES his cats. They make him SO happy and provide so much entertainment for him. He calls all 3 cats Boo Boo because one of our cats name is Boo Boo. He even calls the cats in books Boo Boo.
  • He calls all food “Nana;”his favorite food happens to be bananas.
  • He LOVES taking a bath and everything about water and playing in water and with water. He will also play with the cat water.
  • His favorite place in the apartment is the bathroom. He does a bathroom dance that is similar to his Nana dance.
  • He is really interested in ceiling fans ;more specifically, turning the switch on and off and watching the ceiling fan turn on and off, He is very interested in the cause and effect of things.
  • He claps and waves appropriately.
  • He loves loves loves giving mama and dada kisses. EVERY morning, Paul wakes Matt up by giving him kisses. IT IS LITERALLY THE CUTEST THING EVER.
  • He tries to type on the computer keyboard!
  • He likes to pretend he is talking on the phone.
  • He says “no.”
  • He plays with the cats by picking up long strings or fabric and waves it in their face. It is sooooo cute!

 Paul’s First Sickness and a Head Lump

A week after Paul’s birthday he started running a fever. On the first day (Wednesday), he ran a 102.7 temperature so we brought him to the doctor where he came back negative for the flu and strep throat. They told us to rotate infant motrin and infant tylenol until the fevers were completely gone. He continued to run high fevers (up to 103.8) so we brought him back to the doctors on Friday where he again tested negative for strep. This time, they needed a urine sample to rule out a urinary tract infection so we had to bring pee bags home with us. The test came out negative. They told us that if he was still running a fever on Monday that they needed to run blood work. On Saturday, Matt noticed a lump on the back of his head near his ear; which it turned out was the same lump I discovered three weeks earlier but disregarded because it was very small. When I felt it this time, it had grown noticeably larger. Matt and I returned to the doctor with Paul on Monday who had been fever free for 20 hours but developed a rash in the morning. The lump turned out to be a swollen lymph node due to his body fighting off the virus, and the rash was roseola. During this entire week, Paul nursed constantly and slept with us so he could nurse unrestricted. Doing this helped him remain hydrated and it helped him sleep. =D

Owen snuggled with Paul every night that he was sick <3



I am so happy with Paul’s sleep; the Individualized Nighttime Sleep Training Program is really working for us. He is becoming so much more independent. I am officially no longer nursing him to sleep at night time; and it has been like this every night for the last 14 days. After he is done nursing, he independently unlatches and I place him in his crib, cover him with the blanket that I have created the nursing association with and either sing to him or provide some sensory input to help him fall asleep; it depends on his needs. He will usually sleep somewhere between four to seven hours before he wakes up and nurses (he actually drinks) and when he is full he unlatches, I place him back in his crib and he falls to sleep on his own. The second time he wakes up I usually bring him in our bed and sometimes I pacify him and sometimes I do not; again it depends on his needs. He currently falls asleep in his crib by 7:30 pm and is up for the day sometime between 6:00 am and 7:00 am.


Paul is transitioning from taking two naps to taking one nap. If he takes one nap, he will usually sleep from 12:30 to 3:00 and if he takes 2 naps he will usually sleep from 9:30 to 10:30 and then again from 1:30 to 3:00. I typically nurse him to sleep for naps; and most of the time I nap with him!

Paul’s First Park Experience

We took Paul to the park to run around for the first time this month, and he absolutely loved it. He had his first encounter with the cutest, most friendliest bulldog. The dog strutted over to Paul, knocked him over, and started licking him all over the face; and Paul screamed like I have never heard. The owners were really nice and left with their dog. Paul forgot about the incident as soon as a six year old girl came to play at the park. He followed her around at a distance and every time she looked at him he would smile! It was so adorable.

Here are some pictures:

 Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a happy day! =D

The Diary of Mama Bear: Paul is One Year Old

The Diary of Mama Bear: Paul is One Year Old

Good evening loves and happy February 8th. I am in awe that one whole year has passed. At 3:37AM one year and one day ago, my precious baby boy, Paul Raffaele, made his journey into the world. As I write this, I am feeling so incredibly thankful. Thankful for Matt and Paul for making me a mother. Thankful that I am married to my best friend. Thankful that my breast tumors have not returned and I am alive and well to experience motherhood to the fullest. Thankful that Paul is healthy. Thankful that Matt is healthy. Thankful that my mother is healthy. Thankful for being able to live life, overcome adversities, and focus on the positive and wonderful experiences. Becoming a mother has made me experience emotions in a different way and I am just thankful for so much. Negativity and unfortunate events could overpower the happy and positive moments and experiences that are worth embracing. To me, it has always been a lifestyle choice to focus on the people and things that make me happy and to focus on the positive of every situation (even when the positive is hard to grasp) while appropriately handling the negative and unfortunate situations accordingly and assimilating to change the best way possible as well as considering how to make the situation better (if possible). Every day, people wake up with a choice to perceive their world positively or negatively; the choice to embrace the positive moments in any situation; the choice to change their circumstances if they are unhappy; and the choice to eliminate their negative surrounding or their involvement in negative situations. Every day is a new day to start fresh using past experiences to create a happier life. Ever since becoming pregnant, marrying my best friend, and experiencing motherhood, this lifestyle is the only way; and I have not overlooked one happy moment. I am happy. I am thankful.

If you like, I would love for you to comment and tell me about some happy moments that took place in your life today =D

Here are some of the milestones that Paul has reached this month:


  • Paulie is able to kiss someone on the cheek, point, knock, clap, wave, and take a bite when asked the appropriate command.
  • Paulie points and babbles to request express his wants and needs.
  • He responds to requests and commands.
  • He tries really hard to say all the words that we say; and even tries to copy the tone of our voice.
  • Paulie imitates blowing raspberries and opening and closing mouth.
  • He says the following words very clearly: mama, dada, gahma, nana, and boo boo.
  • He demonstrates that he understands the name of every room; and he is able to locate all of his toys when asked to find something specific.
  • When he gets hurt, he points to what are hurts on his body, looks at you, and if asked “are you okay?” he whimpers and comes over for snuggles; and if stated, “your okay!” he turns and continues playing (unless he is really hurt).


  • He likes to turn the light switch on and off.
  • He is interested in anything that turns on and off and how things work.
  • When asked to point at specific illustrations while reading familiar books, Paulie points to the appropriate picture.
  • He recognizes the shape of a circle and fits it through his shape shorter.
  • He picks up shapes and tries to fit them through each hole until he finds the correct one.
  • He likes to play with stacks, but does not yet put them in size order.
  • He understands how to turn some toys on and off.
  • Paulie independently flips through books and points at pictures.
  • He is very curious; especially about places forbidden to him.
  • When he wants to read a book, he shows me it, hands me it, and sits on my lap.
  • He identifies and points to objects when they are named.
  • He insists on eating food independently with a spoon.
  • He knows where his milk come from, and points at and pulls down my shirt when he is thirsty.
  • He picks out a book that he wants to read; and if I ask him to hand me a specific book, he will find it and give it to me. The books he is able to locate are Brown Bear, Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Llama Llama Red Pajama, The Very Hungry Caterpillar,  Five Christmas Penguins, and Mr. Brown Can Moo.
  • He understands what it means to be gentle; especially with the cats.
  • When we say, “it’s time for breakfast/ lunch/dinner” he walks to the kitchen. When I say “say goodnight to daddy” he will crawl around the apartment looking for him to give him a kiss. When I say “pick a book and come to the bedroom” he picks a book and comes to the bedroom. It is so incredible!!


  • Paulie ALWAYS complains when I leave the room.
  • He does not like strangers.
  • He like to tickle me, especially my feet! He cracks up whenever he tickles me.
  • He laughs when I laugh =)
  • He loves to pet his cats. He calls all 3 cats Boo Boo.
  • He likes to get our approval.
  • He loves to give kisses!

Gross Motor:

  • Paul took his first real steps on February 1st, and he is now walking everywhere!
  • He climbs on and off the bed, couch, chairs, and furniture.


  • Paul is a happy and social little bean. His favorite things to do is play social games with mama and papa; eat food and try new food; explore and manipulate his toys; play drums (his favorite past time); crawl around and walk around to explore; play with the cats and pet them (he has learned how to be gentle); look at the window; and likes to be told how things function. It is also so awesome how Paul has Matt and I’s sense of humor. =D

Here are pictures representing each month of his first year =D

Thank you for reading and coming on this journey with me! I am so excited to see what this year brings! =D  I hope you have a happy Wednesday! <3333

The Diary of Mama Bear: Paul is 11 Months Old

The Diary of Mama Bear: Paul is 11 Months Old

Good afternoon and happy Tuesday! =D Paulie is 11 months and 3 days old <3 Month 10 was a big month for Paul. He is completely aware of everything; he wants to learn about and explore objects and locations; he babbles constantly; he loves to eat and try new foods; and his personality has blossomed. He is such a happy, active, social, and outgoing little boy. He also grew another tooth! Here are some of the cognitive, language/communication, gross motor, and social/emotional milestones he has reached:


  • He has acquired depth perception and now stops at the threshold of the bed or couch to avoid falling off.
  • He is completely aware of his routine and locations in the apartment. When I tell him to go somewhere or to go get something, he goes right for what I asked him to do or get.
  • He is very very curious. He always points at things he does not know and looks at me to explain what it is. After I explain what it is and what it does, he babbles.
  • Paulie is clapping and waving =) He waves hello and goodbye independently.
  • Paulie copies our actions, such as sticking out our tongue or clapping.
  • Paulie has learned that to climb off the bed or the couch, he needs to turn his body and climb off backwards. This was incredible to watch him learn and master.
  • He is aware of the TV and likes to watch animated children’s songs on youtube; especially this five little monkeys video.
  • He understands that he needs to crawl under furniture to get objects; and then proceeds to crawl under.
  • He turns the pages and points to pictures and words while reading books.
  • He enjoys playing with the shape sorter and stackers. He pulls the shape sorter out of his toy bin along with some blocks and knows how to fit the circle through the circle hole. With the stackers, he knows how to put the pipe through the hole.
  • He identifies people and animals that he knows.
  • He really wants to feed himself. He has been practicing using a spoon the scoop food out of his bowl and feeding himself.

Gross Motor:

  • We have a climber!! He climbs onto the bed using the box spring as a step stool to help him up; and he climbs onto the couch (which is much taller) by hopping until he gets up.
  • He can stand up without support from sitting position to kneeling position to standing position.
  • He is definitely getting ready to walk.


  • Paulie has full blown conversations with us now. He babbles constantly!
  • He responds and initiates conversation. He is practicing many more sounds and blends.
  • He is able to tell us what he wants, needs, or feels using facial expressions, vocalizations and body movements.
  • He says the word grandma very clearly. He says “Guhma.”


  • Paulie loves playing social games more than anything else. He still loves playing “Where’s mama?” Peek-A-Boo” and “I’m going to get you.” In addition to these games, he LOVES patty cake.
  • He really loves to pretend he is talking on the phone.
  • Paulie loves to feed mommy and daddy at dinner time; and sometimes he even sikes us out and laughs about it.
  • He loves to mimic and be mimicked.
  • Paulie loves mimicking raspberries.


  • Paulie is becoming so much more independent while sleeping. I have been using my Nighttime Parenting Sleep Training Guidelines to create a program to help Paulie become more independent with sleep. For the past few weeks, I worked on creating a new sleep association with a very comfortable blanket so that he would no longer need to pacify on me for comfort to stay asleep throughout the night. Every time I breastfed Paul for comfort–specifically to sleep– I always snuggle with him under that blanket. Now, he is able to stay asleep in his crib when he is covered with that blanket for both his naps and during the night. He now wakes up approximately every 3 hours during the night rather than every hour to an hour and a half. I am so impressed and proud of him for the progress he is making.
  • During the night, I am able to get him back to sleep by patting him on his back in his crib if he is not hungry or thirsty.
  • We are co-sleeping much less frequently than we were perviously. If we co-sleep, Paulie nurses throughout the entire night since that is his most preferred way to sleep. Now that he seeks comfort in that blanket, he no longer needs to nurse to stay asleep (although he does prefer it) so I try to place him back in his crib throughout the night.

Paulie’s Interests

  • He loves to play the drums. He plays on Matt’s snare drum and carries around a drumstick all day. I love when he crawls around with it. He holds the drumstick just like Matt taught him.
  • He is very interested in instruments in general. He will point to all the instruments in our apartment; and plays with the acoustic guitar, ukulele, and piano.
  • He loves to play with problem solving toys–I will be writing a very detailed blog about the toys that Paulie plays with.
  • He loves to explore.
  • He loves to play with mama, dada, grandma, and his three kitties Boo Boo, Baby Jesus, and Owen.
  • He loves to listen and watch children’s songs.

Month 10 was so fantastic. I love watching him reach new milestones and I am so excited to see him reach new milestones throughout month 11. Here are some pictures:


Thank you for reading! I hope that you have a happy Tuesday! =D

The Diary of Mama Bear: Paul is 10 Months Old

The Diary of Mama Bear: Paul is 10 Months Old

Good evening and happy Tuesday! =) Paul Raffaele Noojin is 10 months old; and wow, he is so much fun to be with. He has made every second of every day happy; and every moment worth living. I love love love this boy and his awesome sense of humor. His favorite things to do right now are look out the window, point to everything, go on walks, play, and try new foods (especially foods that mommy and daddy are eating).

Cognitive. This little monkey is now pointing at everything that he wants to touch or see. He also looks at things that we point at. This entire month, he would point at us, but it was not until 11/30/16 that he began pointing at everything and looking at objects that we were pointing at. If we ask him, “where is the window?” he will turn to look for and then point at the window; if we say, “where is the kitty cat?” he will look for and point at the cat. He is able to identify things that we always talk about and it is so apparent how much language he understands.

Paulie imitates everything Matt and I do. If we give him a spoon and bowl, he will eat. If we spin a wheel fast, he will spin it fast. If we spin it slow, he will spin it slow. If we spin it with our whole hand, he will spin it with his whole hand. If we spin it with our pointer finger, he will spin it with his pointer finger. If we say “bah!'” he will say “bah!” If we blow a rasperry, he will blow a rasberry. It is amazing.

Emerging skills: clapping, waving, and sticking tongue out.

Language/Communication. Matt and I use an extensive vocabulary with him and he is able to connect words and phrases with their meaning. He loves to look out the window, he loves to look at trees, and he loves to go on walks; and whenever any phrases containing these words are mentioned to him, he looks and points at the window. He is able to identify people that he knows. He knows what it means when we say any of the following phrases: “it is time for breakfast/lunch/dinner” or “it is time to eat” or “do you want to eat food?” or “do you want to drink milk?” He loves to eat and drink and he always responds to us when we say these phrases to him. He knows what cat means and he is able to identify our three cats. He understands “no” and even whines when we say it. It is amazing how quickly he is gaining an understanding of the english language.

Paul is able to mimic our tones when we speak. Sometimes it sounds like he is repeating what we say. He definitely loves to have conversations with us.

When he is interested in something or is learning about something, he loves to say “oh” =D

Paulie loves to read. Whenever I ask him to pick out a book before bedtime, he picks the same three from his bookshelf: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Llama Llama Red Pajama, and Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? 

When he points to objects, we always tell him what the object is and the function of it.

We are teaching Paul American Sign Language and Italian.

Gross Motor/Fine Motor. This monkey is so close to walking. He always lets go of support while standing and is able to balance himself for at least 1 minute before falling. He also climbs everything. He has very good hand and eye coordination. He has also mastered picking up food and objects with the pincer grip.

Here are some pictures:


img_8615 img_8625 img_8640 img_8649 img_8650 img_8652 img_8657 img_8659 img_8706 img_8712 img_8716 img_8718 img_8751 img_8793


img_8798 img_8802 img_8817 img_8818img_8824 img_8825 20161201_0940141 20161201_0947391



Month 9 was an amazing month. I am so excited for Month 10 especially because he wants to learn about and manipulate everything; he wants to talk; and he loves social interactions. He is just so much fun =D Thank you for reading! I hope that you have a happy Tuesday!

The Diary of Mama Bear: Baby Angel is Nine Months Old

Good morning and happy Thursday =D Pauly has achieved so many milestones during month 8; at this point, I feel like he does something new everyday =D

Social Emotional. Pauly is a social little bear. He loves conversation with people he knows; and he loves loves loves back and forth play! =D Paulino has three favorite games with mama:

  1. Where’s mama? At the beginning of October, I started playing this game with him. To play, I say “Bye Pauly!”, give him a wave, and then crawl away into the next room and close the door. EVERY TIME I do this, he crawls to where he sees me go, pushes the door open, and as soon as he sees me I yell “you found me!” and give him big kisses. His smile and giggles melt my heart <3 I reverse the game when I see him crawling in front of me. When he enters the next room, I will say “Where is Pauly?” and he will peek his little head out and I will say, “I found you!” He thinks this is hilarious.
  2. I’m going to get you! To play the game, I say, “I’m going to get you!” He jumps up with excitement, and crawls away laughing! I dramatically approach him and finally grab him and give him tickles. He loves this game! =)
  3. Peek-a-boo! The third game is peek-a-boo. I have been playing peek-a-boo with him since he was a newborn; but it was only when he mastered object permanence that he started playing with me. Now that he does not think I disappeared, he always pulls the blanket off my head and laughs =D I’m teaching him to play “Where’s Pauly” so that we could reverse roles.

Paulino demonstrates that he has a secure attachment with me. He goes through a cycle where he is independently exploring his environment while making sure I am nearby. Then, he will suddenly come back and be attached to me. =D If he gets hurt, he comes right to me <3

Also, his separation anxiety peaked this month.

Gross Motor. Pauly is so determined; he will crawl over people, elevated floors, and obstacles just to explore an area or object. He loves crawling through the entire apartment and manipulate new items. He is able to balance himself on his knees without support. He loves to walk along surfaces and transfer to other surfaces; for example, he will walk along the couch, transfer to the coffee table and walk around it, then transfer to the end table until he decides to smoothly transition into sitting position. He has complete control over his body; he transitions smoothly, he rolls around; he balances himself; and he catches himself when he is about to fall. He is able to climb up mommy and daddy’s leg, look up, and put one of his arms up while supporting himself with the other to tell us he wants to get picked up. His transitions are very fluid.

When playing with toys, he likes to bang them together or throw them. When he rolls balls, he loves to crawl after them. He could also smoothly transition toys (and food) from one hand to the other.

New Emerging Skills: Paul is trying to stand and take his first step. When he is walking along surfaces, he will steady himself; balance; and let go. He is able to stand for 2 seconds without falling on his bottom =) He also tries to go into standing position from sitting position. He will transition into downward facing dog and then try to lift his body up. I am so amazed!

Fine Motor. Pauly is able to use the pincer grip to pick up food as small as peas and he is able to feed himself. He has spent a lot of time practicing this grip; and he is officially feeding himself eggs, peas, and chunks of mashed veggies =D I just love watching him concentrate as he picks up food and places it into his mouth.

He also loves opening his wipes and using the pincer grip to take out all the wipes!

Language/Communication. Paulino is excellent at communicating with us, and he babbles all the time! Sometimes he talks so much that it is as if he is telling us a story =) He is able to use his body language and vocalizations to tell us what he needs and wants. When he wants milk, he verbalizes “minya-minya-minya-minya” or he does what I call the milk call: “he-he-he-he-he.” He has acquired many new sounds and blends; a common one is “binya-binya-binya-bin” and other variations of those sounds. He uses “mama” and “dada” appropriately =D When Matt and I talk to him, he converses back and forth. He listens to what we say, and then responds. He is even practicing intonation.

One of my favorite milestones has to be Pauly going to look for a person when asked “Where is dada?” or “Where is mama?” When Paul is engaged in play, I will say “Paul” and he will look at me. I will then say, “where is dada?” and he will turn his head to look around the room and if he does not see him, he will crawl to where Paul saw him last, push the door open, see him, and then excitedly crawl to him. When he gets to him, Matt says “you found me!” and I say “you found daddy!” He is so excited when he finds the person that we ask him to find. It is incredible! =D

Pauly is mimicking our language all the time =D If we say “mama” he says “mama.” If we say “dada” he says “dada.”

Also, if Matt and I are engaged in something else, Paulino will work really hard to get our attention.

Emerging Skills: clapping hands, waving, sticking out tongue, etc; pointing at objects; looking at objects that we point to; copying actions (putting a bucket on my head).

Sleep. Pauly still takes two naps a day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They never total more than three hours combined. He usually falls to sleep around 6pm and wakes up around 6am. During the night, he typically wakes up every hour and a half to every two hours; and we always respond to his call or cry. Every time he wakes up, we parent him pack to sleep. He usually sleeps two sleep cycles in his crib, and then we co-sleep the rest of the night.

Paul does not stay in one position while he is sleeping; he will move from one side of the crib to the other and constantly change positions.

Breastfeeding. If women are able to breastfeed; I definitely advocate for it. Other than providing nutrition for him; it is an experience that takes Paul and I into a quiet place where we can relax and enjoy skin to skin contact. I now breastfeed approximately every three hours (which is much more spaced out than it used to be). I will never ever forget these experiences with him. During this time, he stares at me and plays with my hair; sticks his fingers in my mouth and nose; and just loves little playful interactions. He laughs when I say “i’m going to give you big kisses” and kiss his hand as it approaches my mouth; or when he sticks his finger in my nose, I say “i’m going to blow out the candles” and I blow on his fingers. Those little happy anime moon shaped eyes peeking up at me while he is eating or sucking will forever be embedded in my memory. Breastfeeding has also become so much easier than it used to be.

Solids. Paul is eating breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. He usually has oatmeal mixed with blueberries, strawberries, and mangos or an avocado for breakfast; an egg or Greek yogurt with fruit for lunch; and sweet potatoes, peas, broccoli, spinach and carrots for dinner. This month, we are introducing cheese, nuts, and beans. Paul is able to communicate to us when he wants to eat solids. =D

Paul is so much fun! Matt and I absolutely adore spending every second with him. I can’t believe that he has officially been out of my body for as long as he grew in my body. I am so lucky to have Paul as my son <3 I love being a mother.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope that you have a happy Thursday! =D

The Diary of Mama Bear: My Big 8 Month Old

Good evening and happy Monday! Month 7 was a big month for Paulie =D

Paulino is crawling everywhere; he rolls from his back to his tummy to either crawl or sit; he transitions into every position; if he is sitting on an object, he will reach underneath him to remove it and sit back down; if he wants to crawl somewhere and an object is in his way, he will stop, move it, and then continue on his way; he is completely independently mobile. He has been on a quest to discover everything in our apartment. He is constantly working towards his next skill: standing! He is able to independently pull himself up to stand; independently walk along the couch, coffee table, and other furniture; and independently balance himself while standing using one hand to hold on to something. While standing, he is trying to transfer from one surface to another (i.e. from the couch to the coffee table). It is so incredible!! It is amazing to watch Paulie practice and master new skills. He has even been practicing all of his gross motor skills in his sleep.

Just like mama bear and papa bear; Paulie loves to eat; and he has 6 teeth (4 on top and 2 on bottom) to chew food with! He has been practicing picking up food with his fingers as well as trying to put it into his mouth. He eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us =) We feed Paulie all healthy and organic fruits, veggies, and grains.

Paul is constantly talking; and has acquired a wide range of sounds and blends. I love how he uses these sounds and blends to have a conversation with us. He looks us in the eyes and will say something after we respond. He is also practicing talking with different tones. I love love love when he says something and waits for a response from us. On October 15th, he finally said “mama.” =D

Paulie is able to identify mama, dada, and grandma when asked “Where’s mama? Where’s dada? and Where’s grandma?” He also looks at dada and says “dada” and looks at mama and says “mama.”

Paulie has been copying me when I cough; it’s super adorable.

My little Paulino has mastered object permanence. A few days ago, I was playing peek a boo with him where I would go under the covers and pop out. Instead of me popping out, he would lift the covers to find me. After he did this, I placed objects under the covers and he lifted the covers to look for them. Now I can’t hide anything from Paul. If I put something that I don’t want him to have behind my back, he either climbs over me or crawls behind me to get it.

Paulie still very much dislikes being placed on his back. The moment he is placed on his back for a diaper change, he tries to roll over or sit up. He just wants to move! It’s very cute.

Paulie turned 8 months old on October 7th, and he has developed so much in just the last 10 days. Everyday, he is achieving new milestones. Matt and I are just having so much fun with him. I absolutely love being his mama!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a very happy Monday!!

Here are some photos =D



The two pictures we were playing peek a boo =D