Safe Pregnancy Workouts

Good evening and happy Saturday! July 3rd was the day that I found out I was pregnant =D, and it was the day that I decided that my workout regime had to drastically change. My doctor told me to continue working out, just to avoid using weights. I want to share the steps that I took to design a pregnancy workout regime that works for me.

The first thing I did was research what material my yoga mat was made up of. When discovering it was made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), I decided to discontinue using it. PVC had been found to contain highly toxic material consisting of toxic metals and phthalates that leaches out of the mat and can cause damage to your body. For more information on PVC, please visit:

I then researched the material that my weights were made up of.  I had been using vinyl weights for a few years, only to discover they they also contain PVC. For this reason, I decided to discontinue using these weights along with my yoga mat.

Since starting my pregnancy workout regime, I have been using a cotton towel to replace my yoga mat. I have not yet found nontoxic weights, but I did find a company that makes nontoxic eco-friendly yoga mats.

One day when I have expendable money, I will purchase one of these mats: until then, it’s the cotton towel for me =D

Now that I knew I was comfortable with my workout equipment (or lack of), I decided to research which workouts are safe to complete during pregnancy. After much inquiry, I have decided to:

  • Avoid working out while lying on my back as it may reduce blood flow to my uterus
  • As soon as I find nontoxic weights, I plan on toning my arms with three pound weights; the recommendation is to stay under 10 pounds
  • Avoid workouts that cause me to become out of breath and cause my heart to beat too fast–this may restrict blood flow to my uterus as well
  • Avoid any type of ab workout

I will be sharing my safe pregnancy workout clips with you soon! =D

The First Eight Weeks =D

Good evening and happy Saturday! This post is all about my experience through the first eight weeks of my first trimester. These were the weeks in which I was not aware that I was pregnant. I hope that you find this helpful =D

On June 12th, 2015, I went to the ER due to a severe pain on my right side. I had been experiencing that same pain for four days before I finally went to the ER. They confirmed that I had a cyst on my right ovary that seemed to be twisting and untwisting. With a blood pregnancy test that came back negative and a diagnosis, I thought I just had a cyst. After the pain subsided, I became very sick: I was overwhelmingly tired all the time to a point where I was in bed or needed to be in bed for the majority of the day; I was incredibly nauseous and unable to keep down most foods, and the foods that I used to love to eat became increasingly aversive; I was very thirsty, everyday I drank double the amount of water that I drank prior to becoming pregnant; My bladder became very overwhelming, the sensation to pee sometimes came on so suddenly and strong that I found myself darting for the bathroom. What was even crazier was that I would use the bathroom, and by the time I was done washing my hands, I would have a full bladder again! Sometimes I did not even see a reason to leave to bathroom between my bladder and my nauseousness. I was very weak, and for my entire first trimester, I worked in a position that required me to be physically active for an extended duration. I was no longer able to complete the strenuous activities that I was once able to do without any hesitation. If I was not home and in bed, I found myself sitting because of how weak and nauseous I was. I could not believe that a cyst was causing me to become this ill. On July 2nd, I did not leave the bathroom because I was so sick, so I decided to call out of work and make an appointment to go my gynecologist. When I arrived at the office, I told them my symptoms and his assistant asked, “Could you be pregnant?” I told her that the blood test a few weeks prior came out negative, and she took a urine sample and we waited for one minute. She showed me this:



and said, “Congratulations, you are very pregnant.” At that very moment, I was so overcome with happiness that all of the symptoms that I had been feeling for the last eight weeks were suddenly so worth it.

Check back for my next post!